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Kocomex's custom platform

  • Desktop and mobile web app development
  • Service maintenance and improvement
  • AI consulting / Create service opportunities
  • Multilingual Translation Business
  • Services promotion and marketing consulting
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Desktop and mobile web app development

Total consulting from service planning and design, development, testing, and promotion marketing

Service maintenance and improvement

Maintenance and improvement of the existing solution even if it is not a product of Kocomex

Multilingual support

Multilingual support for all solutions we services

PR and Marketing

Service success support through on/offline advertisement and promotion

Kocomex's custom platform?

Realize your innovations and vision with the 4th generation industrial technology with Kocomex

  • Desktop and mobile web app development
  • Multilingual support
  • Service maintenance and improvement
  • PR and Marketing

Service promotion and marketing

  • Precision targeting through various SNS customer management
  • Press affiliations and press releases
  • On/offline advertising, promotional media execution, and operation management
  • Blog, community, café, SNS marketing, publicity video production and distribution
  • Brand optimized content consulting
  • Establishing on/offline PR strategy for customer brand


Other bonuses you can earn

24/7 Support

All day customer support

Marketing support

Marketing support for project success

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