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Frigate Chain

FrigateChain is a blockchain architecture that focuses on parallel processing

1. FrigateChain creates a master mainnet that serves as a platform for creating independent mainnet

2. FrigateChain uses grid computing techology to provide faster data processing

3. Independent mainnet can be connected via platform provided by FrigateChain

4. FrigateChain provides flexibility and open centralization to provide security and transparency

FrigateChain Website


FrigateChain provides FrigateSDK for anyone to create custom mainnet meeting their needs.


FrigateChain uses grid computing technology to fix the slow transaction speed.


FrigateChain uses a atomic swap technique to ensure safe and fast coin exchanges between blockchains.


FrigateChain incorporates Open Centralization that makes all data visible for all users to confirm the integrity of the blockchains


By having a means for the community to contribute to the development of the FrigateChain, FrigateChain can be deeply involved in the needs of the community while developing addition features


Developers can customize blockchain by utilizing custom actions.


Ecoinbank is a global crypto exchange that offers strong security and easy to trade environment

Ecoinbank offers franchise, referral mining (proof of referral), SNS promotion tool, Coinpang, free vote listing, etc. to provide more revenue to our members

Ecoinbank is a global crypto exchange with headquarters in Canada and a Korean branch in Jeju Island

Ecoinbank provides 4 different languages: English, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese.

You can trade major coins such as ETC, ETH, XRP, WXC (WIIX Coin) as well as other minor coins at Ecoinbank

Ecoinbank Website

Partitioned Network Environment

Networks are partitions to improve security

Advanced personal information security system

Personal data are hash encrypted and securely storaged

Encrypted Database and File

Database and files are encrypted to ensure security

XSS Defense System

Cross-site Scripting(XSS) defense system has been implemented to block any harmful scripts

DDOS Attack Defense System

DDOS protection is implemented


Ensuring security through OTP, TFA, and KYC

Become a Manager or a Master to get even more benefits and opportunities

Test your luck at Coinpang event and enjoy earning free coins


ECOINNODE provides PoS delegation and Masternode construction Service.

This service allows users to conveniently participate in PoS and Masternode without going through complicated installation process.

EcoinNode Website


Ecointrust seeks to be a leader in the cryptocurrency security market"

Clients can utilize Ecointrust API platform to create crypto wallets and securely store crypto assets

Ecointrust provides blockchain based crypto asset storage solution"

Ecointrust provides hot-wallet, custody hybrid security solution

Security services is developed from 'custody mode' of ICE Wallet App.

Ecointrust Website


Lastest encryption and multiple verification process ensures complete security

Multiple Coin Support

It is possible to connect to most of the crypto currencies in the world

Easy to Use

Easily access and transact using the Ecointrust API


'The goal of Ecoinview is to help minor coins to grow by giving them exposures through listing'

Easily check market changes for both major and minor crypto assets

Ecoinview Website


'Future medicine is centered on customized preventive medicine.'

We are focusing on preventing disease before patients suffer from them


100 years, healthy and beautiful life. Together with UNIGENE

UNIGENE is a platform that distributes cancer and disease related information for personalized treatment

  • Predictive diagnosis of cancer
  • Post-cancer management
  • Cancer gene diagnostic KIT
  • Global hospital network
  • Remote treatment and personalized treatment
UnigeneBio Website

UnigeneBio Business 1)

i) UNIGENE\'s cancer dignostic Kit will determine early development of 6 major cancers

Detect cancer preemptively only with blood sample and provides appropriate preventive procedure

UnigeneBio Business 2)

* 6 Major Cancer Treatment

  • Lung cancer
  • Liver cancer
  • Gastric cancer
  • Pancreatic cancer
  • Colon cancer
  • Breast cancer / Prostate cancer

UnigeneBio Business 3)

UnigeneBio is expanding globally including USA, Canada, Russia, China, Philippines, Vietname, Maldives, and Mongolia


'We want to help our customers develop their stable businesses.'

We provide automatic settlement service (Van Interface Operation, System, Financial Interface, Back-office Web Service) that compare and analyzes the flow and aggregation of sales as well as fast deposit service.

'Internet bank and card payment service'

Provices POS terminal and payment services

The terminal service solution is a solution that raises the liquidity of cash by depositing the next day payment after approval of the credit card sale at the merchant in the way that the payment is deposited immediately after the credit card sales.

Now&Pay Website

The service solution is a solution that increases the liquidity of cash by depositing the next payment day after approval of the credit card sale at the merchant in the way that the settlement price is deposited immediately after the credit card sales.

Dooil GLS

"In order to achieve the dream of world without energy pollution, we will now initiate 4th dimensional world of the 21st century."

Beautiful pollution-free world!

Achieving pollution free growth through renewable energy production method

Innovating new technology, market diversification, and commercialization

  • SG2 GAS
  • Renewable Energy
  • Polymer-based incinerator
  • PCBs processing technology
Dooil GLS Website

VINT Consult

The company VINT Consult was opened on October 24, 2011 in Minsk, Belarus. The founders of the company are the professionals in finance and sales.

As of today, we provide a full range of business consulting services: business planning, strategic, operational, marketing, financial and HR consulting.

the main purposes of which are: development of the most non-standard IT solutions and provision of software to customers of VINT Consult.


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